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all about Jrock news and new releases!

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Jrock music, a community that provides news about jrock bands which includes new releases, disbandment and any news related to the band members. We try to provide the news as fast as we can and members are free to post any news related to their favorite bands. We also post songs/tracks of new bands as a kind of promotion and of course members
can recommend the songs for the other members. You are free to ask anything related to jrock bands but in order to do that, you have to check the rules in here.

★彡 Comments are ♡. We work so hard for providing the news of the bands for you and we visit many OHPs a day to check if there is a new info uploaded there (i check over 100 OHPs from 6pm till 12 or 1 am daily ε-(´・`) フー).Posting "thank you" will motivate mod/s and other members to work harder☆
★彡 Don't wait for the mod to post the news, you are free to post any jrock related news.
★彡 Some of the entries are locked. It would be nice if you join and share your favorite indie bands with us ❤
★彡 Keep your posts related to jrock bands, there are other communities for jpop bands.
★彡 Don't forget to tag your entry.
★彡 If you post a translated news, please credit the person who translated it.
★彡 Rumors are not ALLOWED. Make sure that news should be taken from reliable sources like OHPs and members' blogs etc.
★彡 Post all mp3 files for friends only.
★彡 Don't make any rude comments to bands or other members of the community.
★彡 You can request the names of the bands or members ( you can post a picture or a song )
★彡 You can ask the correct tags for the tracks.
★彡 You can request links for ohp or blogs.
★彡 If you are interested in being a mod, send a message to any of mods ^^
☆彡 Let's spread visual kei love ❤ and support this community ^^

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